By Al Gordon

The Righteous Requirement

If adultery is the sin, what is the righteous requirement of the law that is fulfilled in us who walk according to the Spirit? The righteous requirement is holy marriage. Holy marriage for those who are married and an understanding and a support of holy marriage by those who are not married.

Marriage is a relationship that has been attacked, abused, discarded, redefined, misunderstood and largely destroyed; certainly, in my own lifetime. Gender, sexuality, marriage and family, children… all are seriously contested battlegrounds in our culture. In all these areas the battle has been lost already. It’s not going to turn around. The process of destruction must go to the end. and many will and are today are experiencing it’s evil effects.

A covenant relationship between one man and one woman designed by God as a necessary avenue of prosperity for all people; married or unmarried.

Elements of Prosperity Given Through Marriage

  • Procreation
  • Protection from sexual sin
  • Companionship
  • Foundation for society
  • The nurture of children
  • The creation of Godly character in men and women
  • For Christians, marriage is the perfect mirror of our relationship with God through Christ