Christian living is characterized by confidence, boldness, joyfulness and brotherhood. Through personal sin these gifts can be lost. Sometimes our restoration requires the prayers of others on our behalf.



Prayer is not a convenient device for imposing our will upon God, or for bending His will to ours but the prescribed way of subordinating our will to His.

John Stott (1921-2011)



Worship and intercession must go together. Prayer must be an act of worship. If we are merely concerned with how prayer works we will become disputants with God.

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917)



Christians become continuously more balanced sane and clear minded.

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917)



Until you have become really, in actual fact, a brother to everyone, brotherhood will not come to pass.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881)



Community is the future of being Christian.

Stanley Hauerwas



Individuality and group cannot be cut apart and treated as though either were a real sundered existence. It is absurd as trying to find a stick, which has only one end.

Rufus Jones (1863-1948)


Q.   What is your only comfort in life and death?

A.    That I am not my own, but belong – body and soul, in life and death – to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ. He has fully paid for all my sins with His precious blood, and has set me free from the tyranny of the devil. He also watches over me in such a way that not a hair can fall from my head without the will of my Father in heaven: in fact, all things must work together for my salvation. Because I belong to Him, Christ by His Holy Spirit, assures me of eternal life and makes me whole-heartedly willing and ready from now on to live for Him.

The Heidelberg Catechism